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Contech Loses Filter Patent Suit Against BaySaver Technologies

(Mount Airy, Maryland) September 26, 2007 – BaySaver Technologies Inc, a leading provider of stormwater treatment solutions, announces that the patent infringement lawsuit recently brought on by Contech Stormwater Solutions Inc, has been dismissed on summary judgment by the United States District Court for the District of Maryland.  US District Judge Catherine C. Blake issued a court order on September 25th, 2007 granting BaySaver’s motion for a summary judgment in this case.

The lawsuit was filed by Contech Stormwater Solutions against BaySaver in February, 2007, alleging patent infringement.  Contech claimed that the BayFilter product, which was introduced by BaySaver Technologies in July 2006, infringed on two patents held by Contech Stormwater Solutions for their StormFilter product line.  In the decision issued by the court, BaySaver’s BayFilter product line was deemed not to infringe on either of the two patents Contech asserted.  The court found that the BayFilter employs a siphon which adheres to the ordinary understood definition of this term, while the StormFilter does not.  The court further issued a ruling that this case be closed.

“Obviously, we are very pleased with this ruling; this is what we expected all along”, said Tom Pank, President and owner of BaySaver Technologies.  “The judge was not fooled by Contech’s attempt to interfere with our business.  I think it was apparent to the court that the technology employed in the BayFilter is revolutionary and does not come close to the StormFilter”.

“This is a real victory for the environment, our customers and everyone else in this industry because BayFilter offers superior performance and a better value.  Our customers now have a choice – they don’t have to buy filters from Contech”.


About BaySaver Technologies, Inc.

BaySaver Technologies® is one of the world’s leading providers of stormwater treatment solutions, offering system design, technical advice, education, and products that separate and filter pollution from stormwater.  BaySeparator™ and BayFilter™ are flagship products providing the best value per treated CFS in the industry.  BaySaver Technologies® assists in the compliance of all federally mandated regulations set by Phases I and II of the Clean Water Act, where municipalities are required to remove pollutants such as trash, oils, and sediments from stormwater.  For more information or to find a BaySaver Technologies’ representative in your area, visit or call 800.BAYSAVER (800.229.7283).

Full Details from the U.S. District Court in Maryland



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