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BayFilter Receives Approval from Washington State Department of Ecology


(Vancouver, Washington) April 23, 2008 – BaySaver Technologies, a leading provider of stormwater treatment solutions, has received a significant approval from the Washington State Department of Ecology (DOE).  The BayFilter® system has been given a Pilot Use Level Designation (PULD) for basic treatment and removal of TSS at a flow rate of 30 gpm per cartridge.

“Many municipal stormwater agencies throughout the country look to Washington’s Department of Ecology for guidance in writing their own stormwater manuals”, said Rex Hansen, VP of Sales and Marketing for BaySaver Technologies, Inc.  “This approval represents a significant milestone for our company as BaySaver products continue to become recognized for their superior performance and maximum value.  This is cause for celebration - not only for BaySaver Technologies, but also for engineers and contractors that have been waiting for a better choice - now they have an option available to them.”

The intuitively designed BayFilter system, which is proven to be the best value per treated cfs for media-cartridge-based systems, was introduced into the market in 2006 and is installed in throughout the US.

Recently, BaySaver opened a new regional facility in Vancouver, WA to support their growth in the Northwest.  This facility will manage additional field testing of the BayFilter systems in Washington State, which is required to attain General Use Level Designation (GULD) and is currently underway.



About BaySaver Technologies, Inc.

BaySaver Technologies® is one of the world’s leading providers of stormwater treatment solutions, offering system design, technical advice, education, and products that separate and filter pollution from stormwater.  BaySeparator™ and BayFilter® are flagship products providing the best value per treated CFS in the industry.  BaySaver Technologies® assists in the compliance of all federally mandated regulations set by Phases I and II of the Clean Water Act, where municipalities are required to remove pollutants such as trash, oils, and sediments from stormwater.  For more information or to find a BaySaver Technologies’ representative in your area, visit or call 800.BAYSAVER (800.229.7283).


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