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BaySaver Technologies" is Proud to Introduce the PetroGuard" System to meet SPCC Regulations

August 03, 2004

(Mount Airy, MD)  August 3, 2004  BaySaver Technologies is proud to introduce the PetroGuard System to help facilities with aboveground storage tanks meet the EPAs SPCC regulations. This system is a physical gravity separator that uses dynamic flow controls and an offline storage system to catch and retain hydrocarbons that leak from aboveground storage tanks.

The PetroGuard System is sized by calculating the amount of hydrocarbon your largest tank holds and then adding storage capacity that is slightly larger. said Ken Barksdale, CEO of BaySaver Technologies, Inc. This system is currently being used under substation transformer pads to capture hydrocarbons and meet regulatory requirements. The PetroGuard System is also economical for other types of facilities that have aboveground storage tanks such as large farms, airports, and construction sites. said Mr. Barksdale.

The BaySaver® PetroGuard System meets all federally mandated regulations set by the EPA for SPCC planning, as well as Phase I and II of the Clean Water Act Stormwater Program where pollutants such as oils, trash and sediments are removed from stormwater runoff. To find a representative in your area or obtain more information on the PetroGuard System, please visit or call 1-800-BaySaver.

Contact: Paula Pike, Director of Marketing BaySaver Technologies, Inc. 1.800.BaySaver

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