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The BaySaver® Stormwater Separation System Saves Money and Precious Land

March 02, 2005

(Mount Airy, MD)  March 2, 2005 - BaySaver Technologies", Inc. manufacturers the BaySaver Stormwater Separation System to make meeting stormwater treatment regulations convenient and cost effective. BaySaver Stormwater Separation Systems are customizable to project site conditions, great for use in retrofit situations, and allow engineers to avoid losing valuable acreage necessary to other types of BMPs while meeting national and local NPDES regulations.

Driven by gravity, BaySaver Stormwater Separation Systems use a dual manhole configuration. Stormwater enters a primary manhole for initial separation and is then treated a second time in an off-line storage manhole, where oils, fine suspended solids, and floatables are collected. Since the water flow is regulated into the secondary manhole, resuspension risk is minimal during higher flows. Inspectors and maintenance contractors have unobstructed access to the bottom of the manholes resulting in more efficient maintenance and lower costs.

The BaySaver® Stormwater Treatment System meets all federally mandated regulations set by Phase I and II of the Clean Water Act Stormwater Program, where municipalities are required to remove pollutants such as trash, oils and sediments. To find a representative in your area or obtain more information on the BaySaver Stormwater Separation System, please contact BaySaver Technologies at 1-800-229-7283 or visit our website at,

Contact: Paula Pike, Director of Marketing BaySaver Technologies, Inc. 1-800-BAYSAVER

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