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BaySaver is Now BaySaver Technologies", Inc.

March 09, 2004

(Mount Airy, MD)  March 9, 2004  BaySaver, one of the leading suppliers of stormwater treatment units and the manufacturer of the BaySaver® Stormwater Treatment System is changing their name to BaySaver Technologies, Inc. This modification represents the national and global direction this company is taking.

BaySaver Technologies, Inc. manufactures stormwater gravity separators that are designed to remove and trap sediments, solid waste, trash, organic debris, petroleum hydrocarbons, heavy metals and nutrients. The BaySaver Stormwater Treatment System is available in several standard sizes or it can be customized to fit your treatment needs.

Services offered by BaySaver Technologies, Inc. include assistance with system design, technical advice, and education to keep the stormwater runoff that supplies our rivers, streams, bays, oceans and groundwater clean.

The BaySaver Stormwater Treatment System meets all federally mandated regulations set by Phase I and II of the Clean Water Act Stormwater Program, where municipalities are required to remove pollutants such as trash, oils and sediments in addition to providing the best value per treated CFS in the industry. For more information or to find a representative in your area, visit or call 1-800-BaySaver.

Contact: Paula Pike, Marketing Manager BaySaver Technologies, Inc. 1.800.BaySaver

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